Boost your Klaviyo email campaigns with A/B testing

Email marketing platforms like Klaviyo come equipped with capabilities to A/B test emails to optimize open rates and CTR.

And as your organization’s email marketing programs gets more advanced, you can further segment your list using more data from other areas of your company. This can help you further optimize messaging for your customers.

However, with experimentation tools like Kameleoon, you can now segment your lists based on the customers’ actions on your website. You can take us

5 ways to increase ROI on your Magento A/B testing program

According to data from BuiltWith, Magento is used by 12% of all online retail stores.

Being more enterprise-focused than self-hosted alternatives like Shopify and WooCommerce, it attracts businesses who are more likely to understand the basics of A/B testing and know the value of experimentation in growing revenue.

However, the problem with many advanced teams is that they mistakenly believe that running occasional tests for front-end elements equates to having a robust experimentation

7 steps to start A/B testing your Shopify Plus store

The biggest mistake Shopify stores make is assuming people will react to their website the way they imagine.

In reality, the best e-commerce experimentation teams often stumble on huge uplift-inducing changes by accident while the majority of their A/B tests "fail". However, these accidents are by design; the failures are valuable.

Top A/B testing teams use frameworks for testing often and testing strategically. They learn from all tests, even those where variables don't improve metric

The Complete Guide to Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing has been proven to increase conversions for websites with high traffic. Finding the right combination of elements on a page works. Or high traffic websites won’t be doing it.

But should you run multivariate tests?

There are benefits and downsides to running multivariate tests. In this article, we will take you through:
• how to effectively run an MVT test,
• an example of an MVT test powered by our tool.

Installing your A/B Testing Tool Script with Tag Manager? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Setting up an optimization program that impacts your business’s bottom line, reduces churn and improves user experience requires a great A/B testing tool. After careful research, you finally choose an A/B testing tool that fits into your stack and meets your experimentation needs.

But before you dive into optimization, you need to install the A/B testing tool script on your website.

Usually, that script is a snippet of Javascript code.

7 A/B Testing Examples Made Possible With Convert Integrations

Did you know that 56% of marketers consider lack of Martech integration a hindrance to marketing success?

Integrations make Martech and, by extension, marketing operations run like a well-oiled machine. Marketers use a host of applications that need to connect to one another. Data from one application can inform processes in another when they are connected. One integral piece of Martech that needs to integrate with others in your stack to fuel decisions is your A/B testing tool.

The Hidden Costs of Using the Wrong A/B Testing Tool

Are you aware that marketers spent a third of their marketing budgets on Martech in 2019?

Gartner Inc reports that marketers are investing more in marketing technology to achieve improved efficiency and increased ROI. It comes as no surprise that optimization, personalization and experimentation tools have received more investments in recent years. The number of companies who prioritized CRO as part of their budget rose from 53% in 2017 to nearly 58% in 2018.

A/B Testing for Content: How to Run A/B Tests with Engagement as KPI

In conversion optimization, the focus is on running experiments to boost conversions and revenue. But for some companies, the aim of optimization is not just acquisition and macro-conversions, but retention and brand loyalty. Media companies and other publishers run A/B tests with engagement as KPI to improve retention and conversions.

But measuring engagement isn’t always straightforward. It requires relying on a combination of micro conversions that will serve as a proxy for engagement.

How to Build a Structure that Supports Optimization Within Your Company

A test by test optimization program is not going to cut it if you want to achieve continuous growth. In 2019, CXL reported that 38.3% of optimizers have an undocumented or unstructured process while 17.1% have no process whatsoever. Proper optimization that drives sustainable growth is a process that requires a well-defined structure to run and maintain.

Building a conversion rate optimization program that allows your team to constantly test and improve will not be a walk in the park.

Why You Need To Prioritize Page Experience Ranking Right Now

One thing is clear from the coronavirus pandemic – the internet and access to it are essential. As shelter in place orders keep people at home, the internet has become an important tool to work, learn, socialize, and buy necessities from home. In a Pew Research study, 53% of Americans say the internet has been essential during the coronavirus pandemic.

As traffic increased, connectivity issues became rampant among users.

Personalizations 101: How to Use Convert as a Quick Deploy CMS during this Pandemic

One effect of massive stay at home orders worldwide is a change in people’s online behavior. More people are watching Netflix and YouTube on desktop devices compared to mobile devices. As lockdowns extend worldwide, people will turn to the internet to seek entertainment, food, medical supplies and other ways to stay in touch.

With many people using the internet for nearly everything, website traffic is expected to go up.

Inexpensive Alternatives to Enterprise Software

There is a reason enterprise software are beloved by big companies. They have tons of features, improve operational efficiency, and make collaboration across teams easy.

Gone are the days when these benefits were found only in enterprise tools. Many non-enterprise tools offer the same features and benefits as enterprise software while costing way less. Thus allowing a better return on investment for every dollar spent.

4 Things Teleconferencing Companies can do to Handle the COVID Growth

The teleconferencing industry is experiencing major growth during this pandemic. As access to offices vanished because of lockdown measures, many workers have transitioned into remote work — working from the safety of their homes. Netskope reports that the number of people in North America working from home has doubled this year when compared to last year.

This means more people are using video conferencing software and other remote working tools.