The Day Sorrow Came To Stay

Sorrow is often an unexpected visitor

It comes when happiness has lured you into complacency

Like cancer, it spreads into every aspect of your being

Leaving you a numb husk of who you once were

Despair and regret are its bed fellows

They force you into a cocoon of longing and sadness

A prison you stay in of your own volition

Sorrow, an ugly thing that never leaves even after stealing your joy

If there is a day I’d want to change, it would be the day sorrow came to stay.

Knowledge Wasn’t the Reason I Read 126 Books Last Year

Books are often synonymous with knowledge. Everyone advocates reading. Billionaires, CEOs, Presidents and even online ads tell you to get off your butt and read a book. So when someone says they read over 100 books in a year, your default reaction is to think they are swimming in knowledge. Like knowledge is pouring out their skin like sweat. And you can’t wait to rub yourself in the musk emanating from their knowledge filled brains by asking them questions.