Installing your A/B Testing Tool Script with Tag Manager? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Setting up an optimization program that impacts your business’s bottom line, reduces churn and improves user experience requires a great A/B testing tool. After careful research, you finally choose an A/B testing tool that fits into your stack and meets your experimentation needs. But before you dive into optimization, you need to install the A/B testing tool script on your website. Usually, that script is a snippet of Javascript code.

3 Customer Retention Strategies That Work in a Recession

And the forecast for the decline in global GDP keeps getting worse. In April, Fitch Ratings put the global GDP decline at 3.9% but has revised that forecast to 4.6% in May. Companies are implementing cost-saving measures, new strategies, and increasing operational efficiency to ensure their survival during this recession. Customer acquisition can be expensive and difficult in the best of times. In the middle of a global pandemic and recession, it has become even more so.

The Hidden Costs of Using the Wrong A/B Testing Tool

Are you aware that marketers spent a third of their marketing budgets on Martech in 2019? Gartner Inc reports that marketers are investing more in marketing technology to achieve improved efficiency and increased ROI. It comes as no surprise that optimization, personalization and experimentation tools have received more investments in recent years. The number of companies who prioritized CRO as part of their budget rose from 53% in 2017 to nearly 58% in 2018.

Every Content Writer Needs to Master Onpage Optimization

Every Content Writer Needs To Master Onpage Optimization Content creation is hard. It is one of the reasons I view content creators as super humans imbued with the powers of creativity and creation. Coming up with an idea, researching said idea and turning it into an article/video/image that others can use or learn from is a normal thing for many content creators. Starting out, the focus for many content writers tends to be on creating original articles only.

These 3 Awesome Apps Increased My Productivity in 2018

2018 was a tough year in many aspects, but it had its highlights. I finally escaped the running joke of the procrastinating writer. There are tons of memes dedicated to writers wanting to write but never actually doing it. Getting sucked down the YouTube black hole is real, yo! Distracting oneself is easy when one isn’t mindful of what one wishes to accomplish. Planning is easy. Execution is the important bit that seems an insurmountable mountain.